Mercier Therapy

An Effective Holistic Fertility Treatment


There are a few alternative approaches to help aid in women’s infertility like Yoga, Meditation and Acupuncture. They help women to relax which in many cases brings very positive results.

Sometimes, it is not only a matter of relaxing but some other biological and psychological reasons that make it difficult to get the expected positive results.

Usually, in these cases, doctors recommend the use of IUI and IVF but many women are against the use of insemination and the necessary drugs and its consequences.

Jennifer Mercier, the creator of Mercier Therapy, is a Massage Therapist passionate about women’s healthcare issues and helps heal women with common ailments such as infertility.

The Mercier Therapy Technique helps women with a more holistic approach to pelvic pain, endometriosis, PCOS, post-C-section, fertility challenges, sexual abuse trauma recovery, and many other issues.

What is the Mercier Therapy

The Mercier Therapy is a deep pelvic organ visceral manipulative technique in which the reproductive organs are mobilized and blood flow restored.

Organ restrictions are relieved and movement is replenished among the organs and surrounding structures to enhance their natural and most optimal function.

How Mercier Therapy Works

The Mercier Therapy protocol is a six-hour regime broken up into one hour weekly sessions in which the therapist works via the abdomen and pelvic area to accomplish the goal of releasing organ restriction. The fertility program can be used as a stand-alone regime or to help prepare a woman for assisted reproductive cycles as it increases the success of these procedures.

The Results

The research study concluded in Sept 2012. It reached an 83% pregnancy success rate. The abstract entitled: “Mercier Therapy Helps Infertile Women Achieve Pregnancy” was published in the Spring 2013 edition of the Midwifery Today journal.

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